Empower Her Health

In Romania, women's health faces significant challenges. Despite medical advancements across Europe, Romania holds the unfortunate distinction of leading the European Union in cervical cancer mortality rates. This statistic is further compounded by the fact that, as of 2019, only 9% of Romanian women between the ages of 50 and 69 have undergone a mammogram in the preceding two years, according to Eurostat data. These figures highlight a pressing need for targeted interventions.

Recognizing this gap, our #herhealth initiative is stepping up. We are launching specialized awareness workshops tailored for young women in universities and high schools. By focusing on this demographic, we aim to instill a proactive approach to health from a young age. Our workshops will provide these young women with essential knowledge, tools, and resources related to women's health. Furthermore, we believe that by empowering them, they can act as ambassadors of change, taking this knowledge back to their home communities and creating a ripple effect. Our ultimate goal is to build a robust support system and community that prioritizes women's health and well-being.

The hub is excited to embark on a transformative journey in collaboration with esteemed healthcare professionals, researchers, and institutions.

Our mission is to illuminate the landscape of women's health for those aged 14-35, using accurate data as our compass. With this foundation, we're designing uplifting and impactful project activities centered around three empowering pillars:

Empowering through Knowledge

We're crafting a comprehensive women’s health prevention guidebook, a beacon of information. This guidebook, crafted with insights from leading oncologists, gynecologists, sociologists, and medical anthropologists, serves as a valuable resource. It will be available for download on the #herhealth website.

Building Bridges of Access

We believe in the power of conversation. That's why we're launching #herhealth awareness sessions in schools and universities, creating spaces where discussions about women's health flourish, and where young women feel seen and heard.

Cultivating a Supportive Community

Our vision extends beyond immediate outreach. We're nurturing a network of #herhealth ambassadors, champions from our awareness sessions, who will passionately spread the message of women’s health awareness in their communities, weaving a tapestry of support and understanding.

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