Shaping Conversations

This series of conversations aims to put together Global Shapers and experts with the aim of identifying various solutions and scenarios for different types of challenges in: urban planning, business ethics, public administration reform, sports and society, culture or entrepreneurship.

The Shaping Conversations are also an opportunity for Hub Members to interact in an informal space with experts and practitioners from Romania and abroad. Some of the conversations we have hosted so far are:

Bucharest: Where are You

On 15th of February 2015 we organized a debate within the Shaping Conversations series, focusing on Bucharest and the urban framework we call “home”, about the many characteristics that make our city eclectic and the way we can shape the future of the city.

Initial commentators included Anamaria Vrabie, Global Shaper, urban planner-economist and architect Maria Duda, discussions including various Shapers and guest ranging from social entrepreneurs, public policy experts, economists, sportsmen, journalists and civic activists.

From practical topics like who makes and decides on the plans for the future of Bucharest to nostalgia on how the city experience was in the early 90s and to philosophical questions like where/who draws the line between citizens’ needs and desires and urban/national needs, the debate laid the ground for future conversations. We now know, for example that University Square was at the beginning of twentieth century the Botanic Garden, that the University building was cut in half by bombardments and the remained space used as an interior garden, that there is a strategic concept for Bucharest 2035 or that more and more civic initiatives are becoming successful in impacting local urban policies.

Youth in local and central public administration

We organized on 12th of September 2015 a conversation on the importance of having more young people in local and central public administration. Youth disengagement with politics, policy and administration is an increasing and dangerous trend as political scandals, low wages and positions and an overall negative perception are a constant reality.

The debate took place within the National Youth Council of Romania which has as purpose to structure and promote the vision of young people on a series of subject areas and to propose amendments to update the legislative framework youth in Romania.

Ciprian Stanescu, Curator, Global Shapers Bucharest Hub

Aniela Aron, Public Manager, Ministry of Labor
Claudia Benchescu, President, CSL, Vice President TNL
Iulia Drajneanu, Advisor, Presidential Administration
Corina Murafa, Public Policy Consultant
Codru Vrabie, Anti corruption expert, Funky Citizens

Open Sourcing Change in Collaborative Networks

In the age of communities, networks are vital infrastructures. As we are beginning to understand their potential, learning to build and harness connectivity is a powerful skill. Networks are as powerful as the change they enable.

What happens when five global and local networks host an open conversation about using networks for change? The Open Sourcing Change in Collaborative Networks event was born out of informal conversations among friends with many organizational hats about the value of the different networks they work through, crowd-sourcing the question of how networks deliver change seemed only natural.

This is why the Global Shapers Bucharest Hub opened up the conversation to the public and asked co-organizers EdgeRyders, Aspen Fellows Network and guests EduCab and Bucharest2021 to join a table at generous host BCR and get talking about what makes networked collaboration work. And what doesn’t.

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