In Bucharest, many seniors face not only the challenge of isolation but also the rapid pace of technological and societal changes. Our project seeks to empower this demographic with dedicated learning opportunities, enabling them to stay updated and bridge the generation gap with their children.

Our focus is on retired seniors residing in Bucharest and its surrounding areas. Our initiative also seeks to bridge the generational divide between these seniors and their younger family members.

Understanding the unique challenges faced by Bucharest's senior population, we're launching the SilverCircle project. This project is not just about just addressing isolation by connecting them with peers but about sparking a renaissance of learning, connection, and empowerment among our seniors through a series of engaging activities.

Tech Tuesdays

Held once a month, these sessions will focus on the fundamentals. Seniors will learn how to operate smartphones and tablets, send emails, and use basic apps like messaging and video calling to stay connected with their families. As seniors become more comfortable with the online world, we'll introduce them to the essentials of internet safety, social media, and help them delve into online services like e-banking, online shopping, and telehealth.

Memory Lane Fridays

Held once a month, Storytelling sessions where seniors share tales of old Bucharest, documented in a digital archive for future generations. Generational Junction: Monthly events where seniors and local school students collaborate on projects, bridging the generational gap.

Wellness Weekends

Holistic health and wellbeing seminars, including yoga, meditation, and nutrition workshops tailored for seniors.

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